Company with Global Reach
Risk x Return
We look for investment opportunities that naturally imply a perception of greater risk, but which at the same time bring protection to our invested capital.
Company with Global Reach
Contrarian Investor
We want what others don't want; our pricing policy begins by looking at assets that the original owner has already expressed an interest in selling.
Company with Global Reach
We spend time, energy, knowledge and money trying to understand and price the largest number of variables, quantitative and qualitative, that may affect our investments.
Company with Global Reach
Investments in products that we know and in segments that we have value to add.
Company with Global Reach
We do not have the ability to predict economic cycles, but we are always ready to analyze stressed assets, with pricing discipline, whatever the stage of the macro-economic cycle.

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Hybrid Structured Credit

The strategy seeks to act as a credit hedge fund, with a hybrid mandate, making opportunistic investments in high yield, structured credit and special situations.

High Yield Credit

Bankability for companies with limited access to capital.

Focus on shorter-term operations.

Distressed Debt

NBL single name.

Purchase of overdue debts of
medium and large companies.

Private Equity

Cash-generating companies that require a punctual restructuring of liabilities, without the need for an optional turnaround.

About Jamille

CEO and Chairwoman

Jamille Dala Nora, CEO of Lagomarsino Capital Group, is a prominent lawyer, entrepreneur, and real estate broker. With expertise in business law and intellectual property, she is a partner in renowned companies and provides comprehensive legal support while identifying opportunities in the real estate market.

Her ability to strategically guide her clients' investments and maximize returns is a reflection of her solid experience in the financial field.

With an impressive professional trajectory, Jamille is a well-rounded and visionary professional, always striving for innovation and excellence in all her endeavors.